Paralegal & Notary - ABA, MCBA and NNA Member
Календарь время.
      Notary Services:
  • Adoption Forms;
  • Affidavits;
  • Apostille;
  • Administer oaths/affirmations;
  • Depositions;
  • Grant Deeds;
  • Health Documents;
  • Homestead;      
  • Judgments;       
  • Loan Documents;
  • Land Deeds;
  • Mortgages;         
  • Promissory Notes;
  • Proofs of Labor;
  • Powers Of Attorney;       
  • Quitclaim Deeds;
  • Temporary Guardianships;         
  • Trust Deeds;
  • Title Documents;
  • Real Estate Documents;
  • Take acknowledgments;
  • Power of Attorney;              
  • Court Settlement Documents;
  • Easement or Right of Way Grant;
  • Execute protests for non-payment or non-acceptance;
  • Escrow Documents;
  • Educational Transcripts And Diplomas;
  • Execute jurats;
  • Health Care Directives;
  • Health Care Proxies;
  • Declaration of Interspousal Transfer Deeds;
  • Insurance Documents;
  • Long Distance Agreements And Contracts;
  • Mechanic's Lien Extension;
  • Parental Consents For Travel;
  • Pension Election Forms;
  • Progress Payment Form;
  • Satisfactions of Judgments;
  • Terminations of Joint Tenancy;
  • Trust Certification Forms;
  • Financial Documents;
  • Single page Documents;
  • Take proofs of deeds;
  • Copies, Documents.
  • Certified translations from Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian.
What are the Types of Documents Notarized and Why?
Most legal documents such as wills, deeds, and power of attorneys require  notarization. The purpose of a document being notarized is to ensure the signer personally appeared before the notary, the signer signed their signature before the notary and they signed the document willingly and freely (not under any duress).

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